e-Zy e-Mentoring

Cultural Heritage + Museums Career Pathways Series One Presenters
Top row: Michelle Smith, Jeremy Smith, Kevin Jones, Patrick Watt, Leo Liemesak
Bottom row: Paul Bowers, J. Patrick Greene, John Petersen, Kylie Christian, Chris Johnston

In 2020, Grace created a free online webinar e-mentoring series, Cultural Heritage + Museums Career Pathways, which she advertised via LinkedIn and delivered via Zoom. To create this series, Grace invited experienced hirers within the cultural heritage and museums sector to discuss their career path and provide advice to audience members who were students, early- and mid-career professionals who were studying, looking for work, or on short-term contracts. The presenters and audience members joined in from across Australia as well as internationally and allowed for multi-way discussion as each audience member was encouraged to introduce themselves and connect with one another – as well as the presenters – via LinkedIn.

Series One ran over 10 weeks and saw the development of a regular audience, with many audience members expressing an interest in becoming consultants.

Series Two featured two workshops with Kylie Christian on personal branding in the digital space and becoming a heritage consultant.

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