2016 Exhibition: ‘Letters from France, 1916’

2016-exhibition-1200In 2016, Grace produced an exhibition, Letters from France, 1916 for the Albert Park-South Melbourne Rowing Club.  Opening in time for ANZAC Day, this exhibition included letters which were sent to the club from enlisted soldiers in France during 1916.  These letters were published in The Winner – a wartime newspaper whose correspondent, Stan Stewart, was the Honorary Secretary of the Albert Park Rowing Club.

Letters from France was researched and produced by Grace.  The exhibition not only highlighted letters published in The Winner, but also showcased the possibilities of online research through Trove – the National Library of Australia’s search engine for Australian digitised newspapers.  Grace also utilised information from club records, the Australian War Memorial, the AIF Project, the Australian Rowing History website, as well as The Victorian Oarsman.

This project was supported by Gasworks.

 Further details can be found on the APSM Rowing Club’s website.

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