ANZAC Funding Gained for Picture Frames

Grace Blake_Shannon Beavis

Grace has successfully applied for a grant for 40 re-usable, standard picture frames with museum-quality, low-reflection glass.  The grant comes from the Victorian Veterans Council through the ANZAC Centenary Community Grant program.  This will enable the Albert Park-South Melbourne Rowing Club to mount exhibitions by printing text and images on regular A3 and A4 paper.  As grant writer for this project, Grace consulted with Museums Australia (Victoria) staff and the South Yarra Art House to come up with a design which is simple to mount and install.  These frames will initially be used for the 2017 exhibition, Accounts from the Front, 1917They will be suitable for multiple exhibitions which commemorate World War One and can be used for further exhibitions once the World War One centenary commemorations are complete.

This project was supported by the Victorian Government and the Victorian Veterans Council.

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