2014 South Melbourne Rowing Club Oral History Project

2014-oral-history-project-p-3-1200-wAs part of a Significance Assessment for the Albert Park-South Melbourne Rowing Club in 2014, Grace conducted an oral history project, interviewing former members of the South Melbourne Rowing Club from the 1950s, 60s and 70s and their descendants.

Highlights of the interviews include:

  • Lance and Judy Gallagher discussing the Club in the 1950s as well as their experiences representing Victoria at the Interstate Regatta
  • Colin Dalton and John Hawkins discussing the Club in the 1960s as well as their memories of Australian Olympic coach, Brian Dalton
  • Jimmy Robertson discussing the Club in the 1960s
  • Ron and Diana Williamson discussing Ron’s father and Club President, Dudley Williamson
  • Margaret Graham discussing her father and Club President, Wal Graham
  • Barbara Ulanowski discussing her father and Victorian representative, Bob Tanner

Grace used the stories they shared to provide historical information about the South Melbourne club’s history, as well as information to assist in the interpretation of the Club’s memorabilia collection.

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